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About GIA Map

Empower Underwriting, Claims, Product and Marketing with GIA Map - Integrated with your book data.

The GIA Mapplication and API help: 

  • Reduce loss ratios by gaining more accurate data insights

  • Quickly identify policies and TIV exposure impacted by severe weather events

  • Reach out to insureds in near real time during and immediately after catastrophes

  • Identify areas of opportunity to grow or scale back

  • Set automated moratoriums by distance to events versus zip codes

  • Price more effectively by avoiding the reactive market cycle   


Trusted by Industry Leaders

"LSI Insurance Services has been a GIA Map customer since early 2017. GIA has become instrumental in the operation of our boutique wholesale property insurance business. When dreaded wildfire erupts, the live fire data layers assist in swiftly identifying properties at risk as well as setting sensible moratoriums."

Morgan Kern, EVP

LSI Insurance Services, Inc.

"“We actually use the tool twofold. One way is to proactively reach out in the event of extreme weather, the other is from a risk-rating perspective, so we also use it as an underwriting tool in combination with the scoring methodology GIA Map provides."

Mike Gulla, Senior Director of Underwriting & Customer Support

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